AARNA DENTAL | Design Radius

CLIENT BRIEF: Client required waiting for 2-3 person, consulting table and 1-treatment chair with platform storage for denture work. The client wanted neat clean and hygienic ambience and not use excessive variety of material.

SPACE DISTRIBUTION Clinic is distributed in 3 parts. Waiting, consulting room and Treatment room.

We designed the area in such a way that visitors can only view reception/waiting And when a visitor opens the door for consulting room they get wide and longitude view of consulting & treatment room which add surprise element to the space.

DESIGN THOUGHT: From entry, This Space has two adjoining walls in which the right wing has complex common staircase wall and left side have other shop, back wall of the space have open ventilation. In this case first thing appears in my mind that lets do cladding work on wall so we can keep things easy to maintain and hygienic but we have adjoining wall of other shop left side. so in future in that shop vibration or hammering during interior work, our cladding wall will get damage that’s why we did only pop grooving on that wall in treatment area, Keep storage in consulting room and put paintings in waiting so, we are sorted for that common wall.

PLANNING & AESTHETIC : Waiting have limited place to play so I have use hanging light for illuminate the clinic logo, And keep a classic sofa with fine modern art painting that gives life to the blank wall.To keep back area of consulting table simple, I treated that wall with Italian look tiles which enhance with 2 spotlights.

we used ply, m.s bars, and colored body tile as a top for consulting table so we can have maintenance free and easy to use work top. M.s bars add delicacy to table which is beneficial for cozy consulting room.

We have designed storage in consulting room in such a way that two sides full height door storage & in between we have given open shelves for books, pots etc. with vertical division in slit pattern. We have continued the slit pattern in ceiling which aligns with storage vertical slit. Where in ceiling I used profile light randomly in slit. So ceiling can goes well with storage wall design.

FUNCTIONALITY: In treatment room as per client’s requirements a dental chair is kept in off center position so, one helper or nurse can stand with doctor and enable movement. We have set 1-worktop, fridge, sink, autoclave machine and compressor machine of dental chair as per the clients requirement. We have design open and close storage in form of shelves and closet as per usage follow. We designed hollow block below window wall and created fabrication stand outside covered with acp sheet so as to provide sound insulation .

About :

Principal Designer : Dipen Dixit


Architectural Firm : Design Radius

Location : Surat, Gujarat

Carpet Area : 312 sq. ft.

Principal Designer : Dipen Dixit

Paraprofessional : Rutvi Dixit

Design team : Dhwani, Hima

Photography : Studio-9

Text : Rutvi Dixit