Blue Buddha Corporate Office / SnS Design Studio

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Photography : Jesal Shah

Design firm : SnS Design Studio

Project Name : Blue Buddha Corporate Office

Principal designers : Shweta Trivedi and Shilin Patwa

Area: 3000 sqft

Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Photography By : Jesal Shah Photography

Wall Art in Reception Area : Nirali Gajjar

This rectangular space located at prime area of Ahmedabad, Iscon Cross Roads is a contemporary, clear lined office space.

The intent was to create a subtle design mark while optimizing the function of the office space.The first step to the design was to carefully, consider the space and derive space efficient solutions with meticulous detailing that could optimize the client’s requirement.

The main theme revolved around the blue color of the brand i.e. Blue Buddha along with whites, grey's and brown's.

We were briefed by the clients to create a mixture of open work space area in the central portion of the space, a large conference cum display space, director cabins, personal cabins, reception and waiting area with the utilities area.

Photography : Jesal Shah
Photography : Jesal Shah

The reception was kept with minimal furniture. The wooden ceiling turning into paneling and a semi circular grey PU finish reception table was placed before the paneling.

On its opposite corner, the L-shaped wall behind the sofa was hand painted on site with shades of blue color, fading from bottom to top. The hexagonal flooring spreads across the central part of the whole space giving a very artistic look to the space.

Photography : Jesal Shah

Furniture has been custom designed and built to cater to the needs of each space independently. The personal cabins were kept minimal with just the working space and rest for the storage. The main highlight of the whole office space was the conference room in which the whole ceiling and the projector wall was given a three dimensional polygonal form in dark grey colour and profile light inserts in between the edges. Also, one of its wall was kept as a display space for garments, which was made entirely of metal structure and wire mesh.

Photography : Jesal Shah
Photography : Jesal Shah

Instead of designing it into cubicles and compartments, the furniture was designed and used as space dividers giving an open and continuous feel to the space. Privacy was achieved using glass, which allowed for visual connectivity and at the same time dividing the space where needed.

The central space was the open staff area divided by a high table hanging from the ceiling with a metal grid structure towards its both ends. The fully white workstations were separated with a band of wooden finish laminate and grey back painted glass. The full height storage units on both the walls were a major attraction of that particular space. The sliding shutters had blue shaded back painted glass on aluminium profiles.

Photography : Jesal Shah
Photography : Jesal Shah

Facing the facade were the three director cabins, with a cube in cube form, overlooking the staff area. The cabins just had one big executive table made of corian and copper finish laminate with grey wooden flooring and dark grey backdrop in diagonal lines giving a twist to the minimal space. So basically three shades of grey were reflected inside the cabin space.

The end result is a design that gives the spaces a new energy that raises the efficiency of the office as a whole. The overall is a contemporary design to reflect a harmonious blend of material, textures and colours .

About The Firm :


The firm was established in the year 2018 by partners Shweta Trivedi and Shilin Patwa, who graduated from the same college Arvindbhai Patel Institute of Environmental Design, Anand, Gujarat.

Since inception, the firm has catered over 40 clients in a wide spectrum which includes architecture, interior designing, landscape designing and planning. The goal of both the partners from beginning was to provide a complete design solution under one roof.