About the Project :

Project Name : Carpet Office

Design Firm : Brick Bond Studio

Plot Area : 3,200 Sq. ft

Construction Cost : 1.5 CR.

The site is located in RIICO industrial area, Bikaner, Rajasthan. The site is situated on a commercial street surrounded by industries and warehouses. The intercession of built-mass had to be subtle yet outstanding in its identity.

To meet out the client’s requirement, Planning is done in such a way so that 3 levels can be achieved in 2 floors.

As we enter through low heighted passage, that opens into reception area here, there are double height spaces full of natural light, here reception is considered as mezzanine level from which other levels are connected. 4 ft down from reception is the staff area, showroom, conference, merchandiser offices which is semi- public zone & 7ft up from reception is the main office chambers which is considered as private zone.

4ft down from reception is the double height space for staff which is completely surrounded by natural light, just above this space a skylight is given under which colourful glass sheets are hanged in order to convert natural light into beautiful colours.These colours gives a glimpse of rainbow onto the white wall. From the staff area, a terrace garden is visible on 1st floor which connects nature with the people working in there.

on the right side of the staff area, there is barcode like columns with colourful glass slits in between them.

The overall grey stucco finish floor with black frames and wooden furniture makes the space soothing & colourful slits makes the space more comfortable & confident. As we move ahead there is a glass room which is considered as private discussion area & other staff rooms are connected by a common lobby.

Green backyard is a connection between warehouse and the main building, also secondary staircase is given in the backyard only for the staff to access terrace garden and terrace respectively.

As we move towards 1st floor that is 7ft above from reception area, we climb up from teak wood floating staircase grabbing the steel black single supported trio railing surrounded with concrete wall texture. on the 1st floor there is a 5ft wide passage which directs us to the main office chambers, on the left side there is Managers office with colourful slits backdrop, these slits makes the overall environment cheerful & energetic.

The volume of main office is balanced with dynamism and minimalism, it makes the overall volume soothing. Backdrop is composed with black origami mural with minimal grey panelling. Cantilevered table is juxtaposed by the backdrop with origami touch.

Terrace garden is directly connected with 2 main chambers, yellow perforated screen welcomes natural light into the overall volume. teak wood U-shaped seating, pebbles, wooden floor with the touch of nature make the space more lively.

Exterior façade compliments the overall contemporary theme, composition of massing is done with different material pallet

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