Area – 5750 sq.ft

Principal Designer : Mr. Hitesh Shahanand

Photography : Mr. Sebastian Zachariah - Photographix India

Being located in the metropolitan city of Chennai, this 5750 sq.ft lavish bungalow inherits a sense of style and elegance. Keeping the sentimental value of the client with a transformation of design, we kept the structure intact and redesigned the rest of the area.

Each and every area in this home has a creative and artful element. Intricate details and mixing of different materials led us to showcase simple yet beautiful interiors.

To make the area looks calmer and composed, similar colour palette was maintained throughout the space. Lighting was an important aspect while making this space look more elegant.

From the light fixtures in the living room to the giant light installation at the dining area, lighting added a spark to the space.


The entrance lobby of this 2 storey bungalow depicts artful features. The best part of the space is the human artwork well executed by on the storage shutters our in house artists. The varied form of human face has added a creative element making the lobby more interesting and unique.

Dark wooden panelling with black metal grid has been the highlighting wall while entering the hallway. Grey panelled door with beautiful dark metal light fixtures at the centre lights up the lobby and brings the extra spark to this area.


Living room of the bungalow was designed with the aspects of design aesthetics with comfort. Heavy upholstered furniture with larger storage units, this area looked more composed.

The multi coloured wooden library unit has been designed in a way to provide storage as well as display racks. We have tried to give this area more seating arrangement with a larger wooden centre table for the casual meet over’s.

The neutral colour palette followed with dark curtains and customised blind adds a colour to this area. Decorative lighting element at the ceiling completes the modern look of the space.


This dining area gets it dose of elegance with the huge lighting element installed the ceiling of the void. The beautiful customised metal lighting fixture highlights the space and brighten ups the overall look while the White marble dining table along with leather finish chair makes this area look more composed .

The curvilinear stairways to upper level with the sets of pendant lights enhances the larger feel of this space.


This modern informal living room of this bungalow is curated with the mix of materials and colours. The colour palette used here includes brown beiges in the combination of greys, which makes the space look more dramatic.

The fluted grey panelling makes it a feature wall that adds an extra elegance to this space. While an additional set of paintings gives a depth to this room. Soft beige furnishings with brown accents have the subtle and a comfortable feel .


The parents’ bedroom of this bungalow has artistic and exquisite features. The main element of this room is the giant wall art with is a sculptural interpretation of a tree, inspired by nature.

It has been beautifully executed with our in house artists. While the panelled bed back wall brings out the simplicity of the room the artwork adds up the aesthetic value of the space. To add a touch of colour to the room, tints of blue and gold furnishings have been used.


When it comes to a designing for a daughter’s bedroom, we thought for a modern and yet chic design. The colour palette in the room comprises of dark woods, beige and hints of blush tones.

The dark walnut panelling with an addition of the geometric light fixture, the bed back wall accentuates the overall colour schemes and material used.

To add an exclusive element, we thought for a floral patterned metal laser cut panel finished in dark bronze finish.

The minute details have been given a thought while designing this room, from adding floral artefacts to the wall to customise the furnishing with little floral pieces .


We have designed this room in neutral colour palette with a simple yet modern look. The bed back wall of the room has the striking mono tone panelling with addition of wooden panel with lighting element.

Colour combination of browns and grey, it makes the room look subtle and beautiful. Wooden screen at the window helps in diverting a glaze of natural light in the room without making it overpowering.


Bathrooms are the important area when it comes to essentials. Therefore we opted for a clean and neat look for this bathroom.

Combination of light and grey tiles with additional touch of metal finish in, this bathroom looks a perfect blend of elegance. And to make this bathroom look more spacious, the metal shelving unit has been designed at the vanity counter. Adding artefacts to the shelves makes it further more appealing.

About the Firm :

Founded by Mr. Hitesh Shahanand, the company commits to deliver exceptional & comfortable spaces that give enduring pleasure. Instilled in the nature of building client relationships and collaborations, HS Desiigns works to bring about innovation, philosophy and decisions based on 22 years of our experience in this field of design.

The passion and personal involvement that the firm brings to each project, is one of the reasons why the clients hold HS Desiigns in such high esteem.

HS Desiigns caters to a variety of scales and clientele and offers design services in designing residential projects like apartments, bungalows, duplex, villas, weekend houses; commercial projects like offices, studios, commercial buildings and retail projects and interior - architecture.

The pursuit to enhance the quality of life of our clients has enabled us to become one of the best interior designers in Mumbai and take up projects pan India. We constantly keep working on furthering our brand, as a pioneer of design innovation across many cities in India nationally and also internationally.

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