Design Firm : SSK Associates

Interior Designers : Shilpa Agarwal & Komal Jain 

Photography : Photographix India

When Mumbai based SSK Associates lead by Shilpa Agarwal and Komal Jain were approached to design Sharley co working space ,they were very conspicuous to have an unusual design where their strength of co ordinating materials,playing with colour or the use of mirror seemed different this time .

"We decided to go complete monochrome with exposed concrete walls on which the letter were engraved giving it a contemporary edge where the youth will enjoy a different dimension of aesthetic and ambience for a productive yet focussed work".

As you walk towards Sharley the foremost element that you will notice is the glass facade which exudes the Reception area and the meeting room giving a very crisp outline to the whole frame.

The concrete wall behind the Reception desk which is a hand-painted piece has a door camouflaged with the partition giving it a seem less look on which the letters in acrylic has been fabricated to give a bold yet elegant backdrop to the visitors.

To display a corporate ambience we choose to play in a monochromatic palate choosing to wrap the entire space with grey carpet and walls with a concrete stone texture.

"Instead of using a plain concrete texture we choose to give it a twist by introducing engraved motivational quotes "says the designer.

Overall the project is minutely detailed with curated materials like the artwork, concrete having a glimpse of youthful yet a productive space .

About the Firm :

SSK associates is a young firm where two similar talented individuals Shilpa Agarwal & Komal Jain from reputed firms came together to form design hub for delivering timeless and quality designs in par with international standards presenting future forward designs.

The mission at SSK Associates is to plan and create spaces for people to live in, and to make sparing use of resources while maintaining a high level of design quality and environmental compatibility.