G Pulla Reddy Sweets - Beyond Spaces Design Studio

Fact File:

Project Name - G Pulla Reddy Sweets

Architect – Ar. Mounika Kodali

Design Studio – Beyond Spaces Design Studio

Text Credit – Lavanya Chopra

Photography Credit – Raisen Majhi

Pops of hues, a modern persona & a chic identity are lyrical counterparts of the design scheme envisioned by Ar. Mounika Kodali for the iconic 71-year-old sweetmeat franchise based in the heart of Hyderabad.

The reconfiguration & reimagination of the design identity of a monumental franchise comes with its own share of responsibilities & creative challenges. When Ar. Mounika Kodali, the Principal Designer at Beyond Spaces Design Studio took on this design endeavor, she fathomed that her ideas were meant to give the brand a new abode whilst staying rooted to its image & essence as a popular household name.

Located in the bustling Miyapur district of Hyderabad, this retail outlet was planned & executed over a 4-month period from April to July 2019. Spanning over a floor area of 1610 sq. ft, the key impetus that drove the vision for the outlet stemmed from the desire to completely transform the look & feel exuded by the space.

A radical contemporary change in the design DNA allows the customers to acclimatize with the renewed vibe of the outlet & encourages them to interact actively in the store’s environ. “An opportunity to give such a popular franchise a touch of our own was an absolute pleasure! The idea was to bring into existence a space that had the touch & feel of an ambience that could hit off the right notes with all its guests.

The space had to have a sense of familiarity while making way for newer sensibilities that are here to stay.”, shares Mounika. The retail space has been interpreted as a classic cum neoteric arcade layout that is a mélange of pastel hues, metallic nuances & doses of green that give the store a patisserie-like impression.

Colorful woodwork, arched wall niches & the entire interior volume embraces an upbeat colour scheme which is an alchemy of millennial pink & a soft sunny yellow that breathe life into the framework.

The revised material & color palette of the venue has been designed in order to resonate with all age groups & give the built space a timeless yet nascent quality.

Elements like suspended ceiling mesh screens, an array of modern lighting fixtures, brass accents, metal boxes & sleek planters come together to build on the dichotomy of the heritage of the establishment while dabbling in the zone of a new age architectural ethos. “We wanted to incorporate an overruling colour scheme that had a stark presence of its own.

The soft blush pink paired with the lively yellow set the tone in the space & plays well of the dominant logo feature on the façade. The metallic accentuation & hints of green help give the space a more palpable presence in today’s times & fit right into the bracket of a trending space.”, adds the Architect.

G Pulla Reddy Sweets has been ingrained deeply into the memories & lifestyle of inhabitants of the city & working towards redefining the intrinsic design dogma of the institution required the studio to lend guests a fresh lens to visualize the space from.

This project designed by Ar. Mounika witnesses the seamless coming together of the old & the new that give the venue its layered & modernistic milieu which carries undertones of nostalgia & fondness.

About the Firm :


Established & founded by Ar. Mounika Kodali in the year 2018, Beyond Spaces Design Studio – Hyderabad is a young firm that aspires to bring to life spaces that weave themselves seamlessly into the lives of their inhabitants.

The key passion that drives the practice is to curate spaces that inspire & which are inspired by the stories of its users, visitors & designers alike. Spaces designed by the studio strive to be aesthetic, functional & those that create a lasting impression on whomever interacts with the design. The studio works hard to create spaces that will be a part of one’s journey & leave a mark on their minds & hearts. Beyond Spaces Design Studio aims at ideating & delivering design solutions that change the way we interact with design & ensure that every detail is perfectly executed.

As a budding studio, the firm dabbles in an array of genres like Residential Architecture, Retail, Corporate & Hospitality Design. Projects executed by the firm are the representation of the client’s requirements & ambitions which assume paramount importance throughout the process. The studio strikes a balance between the practicality feature of projects along with the strong emotional value they hold.

After having associated with renowned Architectural Studios in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad & Bangalore, Mounika embarked on a journey of founding the company which has a strong fascination for spatial design & nuances of spaces.