Grey Ceiling House / SML Architects

Project : The Grey Ceiling House

Design Firm : SML Architects

Photography : Sameer Tawde

Area : 720 SqFt

Location : Mumbai , India

"I Hope to achieve simplicity, but I also hope to achieve depth . I believe it is important that architecture should be a space where you feel spiritually empowered "

- Tadao Ando .

We believe that the Grey Ceiling Residence Designed by SML Architects is a fine example of a place designed ,where one feels spiritually empowered .There is a poetic nature to Minimalism that is about Striking a balance between full and empty .

Crafted from Shahabad stone and reclaimed burma teak in combination with either cane, rope or fluted glass, this compact family house utilizes its limited area to create spaces of tranquility, encased from the bustling city around.

The intimate scale of the spaces allows attentive focus on the details and surfaces. Designed for a family of three, each room of this house adapts to its inhabitants in a way that is both versatile and intimate.

Overlooking a dense garden, this family house opens its windows to the landscape below and the skyline of Mumbai down the hill beyond.

The social spaces are arranged to offer casual comfort for daily use and generous hospitality during gatherings with friends and family.

Its furnished with a combination of bespoke hand crafted pieces and iconic mid-century pieces designed by masters like Hans Wegner and Pierre Jeanneret.

Bedooms are detailed with custom made furniture including floating beds with rope and teak frame headboard, wardrobe surfaces, door handles and storage cabinets.

About the Firm :

SML Architects is an Mumbai based architecture and design studio founded by Mahek Lalan.The studio works at a variety of scales and in all sectors. The practise strives to create experiential architecture which is contemporary and contextual.

We believe that it is the responsibility of the architect to create varied, innovative and exciting environments, structures and spaces.

Through negotiating the clashing requirements of various forces like climate, culture, site, client ,technologies, end users and consultants, a concept is evolved. This concept is then used to develop the design at all levels and scales, through sketches, diagrams, drawings, physical & digital models, and mockps .creating a unique architectural language for the project.

The firm operates in the realms of architecture, interiors, products and furniture.