HOUSE P+S : INCEPPT – The Design Studio


Project: “HOUSE P+S”

Architect: “INCEPPT – The Design Studio”, Surat (Ar. Kunall Engineer & Id. Pinal Engineer)

Location: Parkland, Vapi

Design Team: Ar. Kunall Engineer, Id. Pinal Engineer, Id. Devang Kuperkar, Ar. Urmi Panchal

Area: 6000 sqft

Project Category: Residential Interior

Initiation of Project: 2018

Completion of Project: 2019

Photo Courtesy: Nikhil Patel


The Client, a businessman who travels extensively for work and loves it, wants a ‘Contemporary Modern Functional house’. His work extends from India to Abroad Cities, so does his family which makes both the habituating spaces his home.

As a designer, ‘a simple brief’ is the most challenging and interesting one, as residence is a space that cohesively needs to cater to specific requirements of each users, which most of the times are contradictory.


Vapi located is a very fast-paced developing city. The residence is located in a GIDC area of Vapi at Parkland, opposite to Hariya Hospital, most demanding area of Vapi. The area has witnessed lot of development in terms of locality since last 10 years and is still developing. The environments are simple, basic and structurally designed to live the climate. With extensive open areas, which allows the inhabitants, privacy that is lived in total freedom. The outdoor atmospheres are spacious, comfortable, designed to feel the warmth of Greenery opposite to house.


Space, environment, textures, and light are the four key concepts to approach the House P+S, concepts that merge into an architecture as simple as the fact of having a paradise to inhabit. The spaces are methodically distributed in three levels. The design concentrated on maximizing the already well-proportioned formal spaces, including a generous entrance gallery, formal living room and dining room; while converting the dark and crowded storage and service areas into functional contemporary living elements.


The textures and the unique combination of materials are basic to understand that simple lines can contain prominence and exclusivity. The young couple specifically asked for contemporary functional house with different themes but at the same time, the house needed to be a habitable space where the century old paintings and art pieces collected by the generations of the clients family could be displayed inconspicuously.

Selection of furniture, finishes, and unique art and design objects played a large part in maximizing natural light, visual inter connectivity, and playfulness throughout. The intervention is enhanced by careful lighting. Thus, the exposed wooden detailing are highlighted by some indirect lighting, the spaces is enhanced by a few lines of light that accompany it, and the lighting in overall spaces, allows it to acquire a feeling of weightlessness.

In order to make a dialogue between the contemporary and the colonial, different textures, patterns, finishes and colors have been used throughout the house.


Taking clue from the client’s brief, we went with the idea of open planning, where the movement from one space to another is seamless.

Spatially, the house is divided into three different floors. The social area comprises of the living, dining and the kitchen, which flow seamless into one another. Each bedroom has a character of its own based on the user.

The material of the project is simple, defining the three main elements that make it up: the flooring changing as per the functionality of the space, wood defining the objects, and 20 feet long wardrobe defines the luxurious feeling they want to experience.

The master bedroom and bathroom make up a single space, under a completely open concept, arranged by a piece that serves as a headboard and washbasin cabinet. We have set out to create enlarged openings to increase circulation between spaces. Interior project respects and benefits from the existing condition as well as reflects the idea of doing what is necessary and avoiding the redundant.