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Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Image Courtesy : Hemant Patil
Image Courtesy : Hemant Patil

Design Firm : Mind Manifestation Design

Principal Architects: Ar. Anand Deshmukh, Ar. Chetan Lahoti

Team: Ar. Shubham Suratkar, Ar. Omkar Nawale, ID. Dipti Kanade


Hemant Patil

Execution By:

Space it up 

Image Courtesy : Hemant Patil
Image Courtesy : Hemant Patil

Clients brief :

The IT professional Client and his family of 5 migrating from a landed bungalow to Pune wanted to fulfil their huge set of requirements in a compact 3 bed room apartment with maximized storage space. 10 years son being a skating champion had variety of medals to display in his rooms with a need of world map to highlight the wining destinations.

The use of teak wood furniture with matching teak veneer as a basic layer of finish in every space is the result of client’s special affinity for natural wood.

Dealing with big sized storage units in every area to make space look bigger and user friendly was one of the challenge of the project. Responding to the existing structural geometry and treating the storage units uniformly with them was the key used to design the spaces.

Image Courtesy : Hemant Patil
Image Courtesy : Hemant Patil

This house , is the honest expression of plying with offered geometry to suit the exact required function in order to achieve upmost usability and aesthetics.

We have tried to achieve fresh ambiance through simplest possible interventions making the space comfortable for end user to experience on daily basis.

The furniture units are designed to cater different activities during different hours of the day.

Image Courtesy : Hemant Patil
Image Courtesy : Hemant Patil

The material palette is predominantly natural with wood, copper, and lime plastered walls.

Element that features prominently in the entire house and adds to its intrinsic value is the use of lines. The lineal progression is expressed in different areas of the house in the form of various treatments like linear patterns of entrance door and other furniture objects in the house, black and white strips painted on the living walls etc.

Image Courtesy : Mind Manifestation Design
Image Courtesy : Hemant Patil

This house is an example of dealing with a compact space to accommodate multiple functions where functionality and elegance can coexist peacefully.

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