Manavjit Sandhu Signature Shooting Range by Rishit Shroff Architects

Design Firm : Rishit Shroff Architects

Design Team :

Rishit Shroff (Principal Architect)

Mayur Parmar

Alpa Mistry

Vinay Panchal

Total range area: 6800 sq. mt.

Area of the viewer's gallery : 310 sq. mt.

Year of completion : August, 2020

Location : Rann Riders Ecotourism Resort, Dasada

PMC & Site Engineer: Taral Shah

Furniture: Gujarat Handicrafts

Photography: Faiyaz Hawawala

Nestled in an oasis, between lush green fields and wetlands, in a unique arid ecosystem lies Rann Riders – an ecotourism boutique resort at Dasada, in the Little Rann of Kutch. Situated about 85 km from Ahmedabad and 10 km away from Zainabad, on the periphery of the Wild Ass Sanctuary, this resort provides a perfect getaway to both Indian and foreign tourists who come to see the wild asses, also known as “Gudkhar”, and the spectacular winter migration of birds.

The resort, developed by Muzahid Malik, resident of Dasada, who, apart from organic farming, also rears horses, exotic pheasants and dogs. The Malik ancestry is steeped in history and folklore, hailing from the erstwhile zamindars of the region, the love of guns runs deep in the family, inspiring his son Bakthiyar and daughter Sadiya to take up trapshooting as a sport.

They started their training under ace national shooter Manavjit Singh Sandhu who is the first and only Indian shotgun shooter to be crowned World Champion and ranked No.1 Trap shooter in the sport. Under his patronage, Sadiya bagged the Gold Medal in the Trapshooting pre national championship at Patiala and Bakthiyar is in the Junior Indian team core group and the youngest shooter of India, being groomed to represent India in the Olympics. Due to the unavailability of quality shooting ranges in Gujarat, they had to spend long periods in Delhi for practice. This inspired Muzahid Malik to construct a one of its kind Skeet & Trap shooting range at Rann Riders, adhering to international Olympic standards.

The Trap shooting range consists of 3 elements, viz. the trench, shooting arena and viewer's gallery. Being an eco resort, the Architects conceptualized the whole range using locally available material and labour, and was decided to construct the range out of random rubble in Dhrangadhra stone, structural system to be made out of reclaimed metal and furniture to be made out of reclaimed wood.

The brief consisted of a viewing gallery to accommodate about 70 people, changing room for the shooters and washrooms, along with the shooting arena and trench. The 120 ft. long stone wall, situated on the east-west axis, perpendicular to the shooting arena is the main feature of the range, protecting the viewers from the harsh rays of the sun from the south, absorbing the noise of the gun-shots, and also providing a rustic, yet classy backdrop. The central part of the wall is dedicated to Manavjit Singh Sandhu, portraying his achievements, flanked by two fire places on either side, to be used during the cold December nights, followed by consoles to serve snacks and breakfast, reminiscent of the colonial style.

The periodic furniture further enhances the colonial look, sub-consciously reminding the viewer of the heydays of the British Raaj, and the origin of this sport. Two raised water bodies, on either side of the steps, are strategically placed forming a virtual barrier, protecting the shooters from distraction and providing the viewers with a seamless, unhindered view of the shooting arena and the lush green vista beyond. Colourful water lilies and Carps in the water bodies further enhances the calm and tranquil ambiance. Punctures in the wall break the monotony, and provide cross ventilation, which is very comforting in the hot dry summer months.

The main shooting arena is separated from the viewing gallery by a paved road, flanked by exotic pheasant cages on both sides, which connects to an open to sky barbecue corner, overlooking a natural pond. A tensile canopy covers the shooting deck, which provides ample shade to the shooters during all times of the day. The angle of the canopy and the angle of the roof of the viewing gallery are as per the maximum vertical angle of the shooter's gun, sloping backwards, thus providing an unhindered view of the shooters, and beyond.

The trench is the heart of the shooting range, concealed below the extended lawn of the shooting area, housing one of the best trap shooting mechanism in the world, manufactured by Mattarelli, Italy.

Away from the distractions of urban humdrum; here one can focus on the sport of trapshooting at ease and at peace. The tranquil surroundings and the unmatched hospitality and location of the Rann Riders have a calming effect, a quintessential requirement for any aspiring trap shooter.


Structure: Exposed random rubble masonry of locally available Dhrangadhra stone

Roofing: Structural system of recycled MS members and Galvalume roofing sheets

Furniture: Solid wood furniture made from recycled teak wood

Firm :

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Architects: Rishit Shroff Architects

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