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Location :

Surat, India

Area (Carpet) :

9900 sqft

Duration :

24 Months (March 2017 to April 2018)

Architecture Firm :

JGP Consultants, Surat, India

Photography :

Nikhil Patel, Surat

Client brief :

Client was expecting a life journey which depicts simple life-style which can be also a relaxation point after hectic work schedule of his own profession.

Challenge :

Design of personal residence is always one challenge. The main challenge of the project was that the plot was linear narrative were we just had a good scope to design is in front side and back side with a linear form where one side is an adjacent plot and other is with a common compound wall.

Design concept :

The basic concept of planning is a dialogue between simple and innovation, between craftsmanship and design, articulated with a modern design sensibility. The house designed paying close attention to light, materials and resultant spaces. The idea was to craft a space that would add a rich texture and assign a deeper meaning to the space, creating a crafted environment that speaks of journey in time and space.

The clients for this approximately 9,900 sq.ft. house in urban Surat, Gujarat, are an industrialist and his family of Five. Through a modern simple family, they have a modern contemporary style of roots. The brief was to have a well lit and ventilate house with private space for each member in the family.

The designing of “मंगलम” was started with the concept of separating public and private spaces on the lower and upper levels. Solids and voids in the form of protruding spaces and terraces are introduced to create an interesting play of levels, almost like stacked up blocks. The focus is on bringing the outdoor into the living spaces. All public spaces open outwards, blurring boundaries.

Project Detail:

“Mangalam” 9,900 sq.ft residential house has been designed by analyzing, exploring and thinking about a lifestyle.

The landscaped garden creates a permeable transition to the outdoors and lush tree-scape again adding a good freshness to a house.

The main entry itself is struck by the vastness of the foyer and parking level which leads towards the staircase that it formally connects to the living area and a beautiful pause of porch and inside foyer.

Tonal variations, within the monochromatic palette of grey, maintain a visual interest. The house with modern contemporary touch serves as an example of a home that deftly fuses the past and future in a contemporary language that is respectful of history.

The designing of once residence puts up a challenge of making a very simple residential space both efficient and interesting without disturbing the others spaces.

Living area merging with lush terrace garden with beautiful sunrise view which is a warming view for client when he starts with his day.

All living spaces directly or indirectly open onto the lush terrace garden with beautiful sunrise or sunset view which is a warming view for client when he starts or end with his day.

The living room has warm shades of furniture fluting on the linear wall, a 7 seater sofa set against a wooden centre table and staircase and a small inner court sitting at the other side to the entire space of living.

The tone of the house is warm and every room is given its own individuality. Every room and spaces plays an very important role in each and every individuals life with an age cycle.

Beautiful Service Island is planned in custom made in kitchen with clean cube which can be use in service table as well as breakfast table also. Modular kitchen gives you a beautiful modest look to the whole space with fine and clearest lines of all the elements merging with each other.

Temple’s minute details has its own story crafted in natural wood reflects the client’s humble nature and modest lifestyle.

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