Nanesha's Residence / Gaurav Kharkar & Associates

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Location : LALBAUG

Year built : 2018

Size: sq feet : 1775 SQFT

Number of bedrooms and bathrooms: 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms


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Image Courtesy : Photographix
Image Courtesy : Photographix India

Client's Brief :

The client wanted a modern, spacious and clutter free house where they can feel involved and feel their personality coming out in the space.

Image Courtesy : Photographix India

Challenges faced during the Design Process :

We loved that the client gave us a freehand in designing. The major challenge in this house was designing the entrance lobby. Due to its long passage it was difficult to camouflage the passage design with the living room interiors. Luckily we nailed it.

Layout :

This house comprises of 3 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, kitchen, mandir area, store room , study room, living room and dining room.

The style of the home is strong yet classic and inherently sophisticated.

Image Courtesy : Photographix India
Image Courtesy : Photographix

Living room :

As one enters the house they will pass through passage where the drama is emphasized by a large bevelled niche at the end of the passage continuing to the wall panelling which occupies three different areas i.e. Mandir room, kid’s study room and store room.

The sofa back is kept bare minimal to highlight the artwork.

Dining room/ bar :

Dining table is backed by a crockery unit with stone tile cladding giving it an earthy feel to the interiors.

Image Courtesy : Photographix India
Image Courtesy : Photographix India

Master bedroom :

The dining area panelling accommodate the bedroom door which leads to master bedroom. We have layer up a minimalist look in the rest of the area to sober up the bold veneer panelling going behind the bed and coming along the ceiling too which is an accent wall.

Image Courtesy : Photographix India

Parent’s bedroom :

The grain storage and parent’s bedroom door are flushed with the tv wall. Parent’s bedroom is simple in terms of design but stylish so as to serve as a guest room also.

Image Courtesy : Photographix India
Image Courtesy : Photographix India

Kids room :

We tried to achieve a more spacious look by choosing a step up bed, which paves way for the kids to move freely without any hindrance. The wall art with brick effect is created to neutralize the bold wooden floor to ceiling panelling making it a zesty feature wall.

Image Courtesy : Photographix India

Primary Materials Used in the House :

We have played more with concrete texture, veneer, italian marble, rustic tiles neutral colour hues to make it look more elegant and sophisticated.

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Dining table : IMPORTED


About the firm :

GauravKharkar, The Principal Architect of GAURAV KHARKAR & associates is a 2004 graduate from BhartiVidyapeethCollege of Architecture, affiliated to University of Mumbai. Mrs. VidhitaParekh Kharkar, Principal Designer & wife of Gauravhas passed Interior Designing from RachnaSansad'sAcademy of Interior Designing, Mumbai in the year 2005.

GAURAV KHARKAR & associates was established in the year 2008. Immediately after inception, the clients began to take cognizance of this firm. Within a span of 4 years the size and number of projects has increased to a large scale.

The firm that is now known as one of the creative versatile architects, handles a wide spectrum of Architectural and Interior projects which includes Residential, Commercial, Retail Spaces, I.T. Parks, etc. at important centres like Mumbai, NaviMumbai, Thane, Nagpur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, New Delhi and Dubai.

The firm is passionate about their Contemporary Aesthetics, Functionality and Sensuality of using Quality Materials.