Office for Fork Media / Vibe Design Lab

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Project : Corporate Office for Fork Media

Client : Fork Media

Location : The Art Guild, Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla

Area : 6500 SF

Design Firm : Vibe Design Lab

Design Team : Mr. Priyal Thakker, Ms. Mallika Desai Thakker

Photography : Prashant Bhat Photography

Client Brief :

Fork is a young, vibrant and fun multimedia agency that is exploring innovative approaches to advertising and publishing in the current digital space. Their brief was very clear.

They wanted a space that would reflect their brand philosophy in every way. So the key words were Open, Young, Fun, Quirky and Different. They needed to break away from the typical office mould to a space that would adapt to their way of working.

Image Courtesy : Prashant Bhat Photography
Image Courtesy : Prashant Bhat Photography
Image Courtesy : Prashant Bhat Photography

Concept & Approach to the Project:

Our ideation phase of the project mostly revolved around MEMORIES, STORIES & HUMOUR and how these could be translated into the space design. The client had fond memories of their very first office space which was a setup under a terrace tensile, some great stories that contributed to the overall office vibe and a terrific sense of humour that allowed us to push the envelope in terms of design elements that ultimately became the core design vocabulary. These 3 non physical entities lent themselves to the final Concepts which defined the design language.

In addition to the above, we worked closely with:

a) The client brief

b) The site dynamics.

Image Courtesy : Prashant Bhat Photography
Image Courtesy : Prashant Bhat Photography
Image Courtesy : Prashant Bhat Photography

The client brief gave us the flexibility to explore and exploit the newest ideas and concepts in the realm of office design. While there was an overall brief, the clients preferred getting into the personal likes and dislikes, method of working and other personal characteristics of the employees. We were free to interpret these and translate the same into the final program in terms of space planning and detailing. Therefore, the in between spaces like the break out spaces, the games room, the lounges, pantry and other spaces of interaction became the key spaces with the main office functions playing the secondary role in terms of overall planning.

The site itself was completely raw with a wonderful skylight along one side that provided a burst of natural light to the space located at the basement level. The unfinished concrete structural members added to the coarseness of the space. We decided to retain these and juxtapose the raw appeal of the site with specific high gloss finished design elements to create a space that would become a perfect blend of the unfinished and the refined. Contrasting materials and finishes come together in each space to create absolutely quirky and unusual settings for the users.

Image Courtesy : Prashant Bhat Photography
Image Courtesy : Prashant Bhat Photography
Image Courtesy : Prashant Bhat Photography

Key Design elements

- Stepped seating replaced the traditional meeting room seating.

- A pin supported concrete slab, cast in – situ, became the conference table in the board room.

- Folded high gloss aluminium sheets formed an installation art feature in the reception ceiling

- Individual upholstered poufs that can be assembled into different seating configurations replaced the traditional sofa seating in the reception area

- Restored industrial machinery was upcycled to form the bases for the director tables in the cabins.

- Hand painted cheese boards were used to create a colourful installation on the pantry wall.

- Hand drawn doodles and graphics used to define key areas and walls

Image Courtesy : Prashant Bhat Photography
Image Courtesy : Prashant Bhat Photography
Image Courtesy : Prashant Bhat Photography

Material Palette & Color Scheme :

While sticking to an overall industrial vibe to withhold the inherent characters of the site, we have injected several high gloss and quirky elements into the overall scheme. Hand drawn graphics and doodles have been commissioned to highlight several key areas and stand out against the otherwise monochromatic black, white and grey background. Pops of Yellow (the brand color) have been used at regular intervals to provide color relief while a central break out area in turf flooring gives the central space an outdoorsy feel. A completely raw and unfinished brick wall forms the backdrop to the cabins and contrasts beautifully against the wooden flooring and the unusual industrial style cabin furniture.

About the Architecture Firm :

Vibe Design Lab

Vibe Design Lab was started by the husband-wife team of Priyal & Mallika Thakker in the year 2006 with a strong core belief that an alternative design approach is essential to this fast growing design industry. Armed with this core belief and a few interesting ideas, and with absolutely no idea where the next pay check was coming from, or a strong database of potential clients, we started our firm in the year we got married. A desire to bring to people a whole new perspective of design is what kept us driven when we started our journey.

With the core concept that "Design brings Dreams to Life" we truly believe that now is the time of the world citizen. With almost unlimited exposure to worldwide trends and lifestyles, products and spaces have become more personal, more vibrant, and largely driven by emotion rather than reason or function. We at Vibe Design Lab, have always strived to design experiences - to create the right Vibe and this belief system has been instrumental in defining our design philosophy which emphasizes on creating memorable experiences for our clients both during execution as well as after handover of the projects we undertake. We have always believed in the idea of seamless design, blending influences from visual art, sculptures and performing arts into space design.