“Parshwa” is a 4bhk bungalow situated in the urban settings of the harni area in the Castle Villa. Mr Satish Bavisi, the owner of the dwelling is a businessman who got engaged with us to get his interior work done with a requirement to make it look superficial and phenomenal with overall turnkey solutions.

The bungalow was too old and so it required a number of changes as in the form of civil changes as well as discarding the deteriorated parts of the bungalow and adding new ones. A few changes were also developed in the elevation part to make it look more elegant.

Stepping into the house, it is quiet a compact one which has the living, dining as well as the kitchen area in one space. To not make the space more compact by adding more furniture pieces and dark colours to the walls, the space was designed in a minimal theme by our interior designers by using subtle colours.

The living wall was designed beautifully in a RCC exposed theme with circular patterns that made it look outstanding. An artefact piece was specially made in a night jungle theme for this particular space keeping in mind the circular patterns as well as other factors of the space. Everything in this given space was decorated by our interior decorators in earthy colours in order to make the space look modish as well as large than actually it was. And so the couches were in a pastel shade to make it the centre of attraction of the space.

The coffee tables as well as the dining table were in the same theme being in a copper metallic polish that went well with every element of the space.

The kitchen was also designed by our interior designers carrying forward the same colour palette from the living area while the kitchen tiles were also specifically selected to go with the theme being white wooden ones.

Moving forward we halt on the first floor at the parent’s bedroom which is designed by our interior designers in a semi Arabic theme that completely resulted as a ravishing space. The bed, side tables as well as the T.V. unit was designed in teak wood keeping in mind the primary theme of the space that gave more importance to the overall theme. “Artefacts play a major role in designing any space” is what Mr. Pranay strongly believes and so this room was also enhanced with a number of artefacts peculiarly made to go with the overall theme of the space.

The teenager’s room is designed in a waggish manner that defines the personality of the owner of the room. Initially there were two bedrooms which were converted into a single large room to fulfil the teenager’s requirements.

The room was developed in a rustic theme which gave masculine visuals. The overall space had exposed brick work with a deep groove pattern while other material colours were also rustic to engage the whole space all together. Our interior designers had selected concrete flooring for this room to make it merge in terms of the theme of the room.

According to the requirement of the teenager being studious a study table was designed by our interior designers giving sufficient storage. One of the wall was decorated with an artistic leaf painting that blended well with other elements while three more artistic elements in the same theme were designed for the bed wall.

Further we talk about the master bedroom, which follows the muted aesthetic of rest of the rooms. The bed wall is appealingly designed by our interior designers giving a finish of stone cladding which comes out to be the most interesting element of the room as it also blends smartly with the kota stone flooring of the room. The long head rest with woody shades and beautiful light fixtures give an elegant look to the room. Our designers had designed a seating area for the same room that had glass backs which made the space look more modish and glamorous. With thorough cooperation and liberty of the client to design, we were able to provide a design that satisfied him with all-inclusive turnkey solutions.