Pllum Legno / Design by Meta

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Image Courtesy : Studio Picsing and Visuary

Architecture Firm : DesignbyMeta

Architect/ Designer : Nomita Sawhney, Abhishek Rustagi; Design By Meta

Design Team : Ms. Ritika Virdi, Ms. Priyasha Sharma

Graphics and Art Installations: Gulabo Design

Interiors Fit-Out: Paras Timber (Mujahid Husain Saifi)

Photography: Studio Picsing and Visuary

Image Courtesy : Studio Picsing and Visuary

A showroom to experience “veneer” in its various facets was designed for the brand PLLUM LEGNO. The front façade of the street which is otherwise white in color has a shot of the brand color which sets it apart and creates intrigue for the customer to walk in.

Image Courtesy : Studio Picsing and Visuary
Image Courtesy : Studio Picsing and Visuary

The design process involved using the love for wood by narrating stories and themes in small spaces. Objects, spaces and artistic interventions were designed to showcase the versatility of the material and portray its beauty. We envisioned a comfortable environment for the customer to experience the products, with the character of a large living space of a home.

A series of themed artworks to display the various textures and color tones of veneer was envisioned by Gulabo Design. The approach to Pllum Legno’s art direction is inspired from possibilities, where the design and art delved into the word and expanded it in manifestations of colors and forms and to create a series of experiences with set spaces with vivid interactive display of the product.

PIXEL WAVE the bold artwork at the entrance daunts the viewer with its collective color and textural movement as much as allows one to go closer and experience the eclectic mix of wood textures. The only socio-artistic movement that a decade of 21st century has given us is the Digital era. In the age of internet and high definition screens, pixel is what paint was. With glitch and analog errors of the digital screens becoming the new aesthetics inspired from the pixel and translates it into wood veneer.

There is a table for discussion at the entrance, where clients are introduced to the product in the midst of wall art, furniture and paneling. The products are stored in a quiet space with rotatory panels which have artworks with Faces series. Using the more premium range of veneers from Pllum Legno’s collection, the Faces series are inspired from the great cubist painted Pablo Picasso.

Image Courtesy : Studio Picsing and Visuary
Image Courtesy : Studio Picsing and Visuary

The central area is for experiencing the veneer. There is a water jet wall which allows water to cascade down creating a polished look for the veneer. This is viewed on a beautifully polished table tennis table made of a premium crotch veneer. A playful light fixture drops down on this table, with its poetry written in lines. There is a display of rolled paper veneers on a textured white wall where the customer can feel the texture of the veneer and make a selection.

There is lounge seating area which feels like a wooden log hut with cut tree panels in a harmonious grid. A mix of soft tones of fabric and warm wood with a splash of color characterizes this space. IMPRESSIONS are the next artwork-this explores the relationship between wood and human beings in terms of identity and origins in a paradoxical manner. The identity of wood comes from its grain and color, and the thumb impression is an absolute symbolic of the human identity. Blending precise strips of paper veneer of various shades and textures, to create a magnified thumb impression installation that represents and romances the innate relationship between humans and wood.

MOUNTAIN LANDSCAPE artwork 1 – 2 is the concluding artwork. Using the veneer colors and textures in its boldest form yet, creating a strong emotional expression of a valley of mountains in aerial perspective. The movement of lines and the bold transition of colors all come together to create an excellent visual harmony. In essence the storyline of the design unfolds with a bang and ends in a sublime dreamy realm.