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Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Photography : Vidyanand Murge

Design Firm : Pooja Piyush Architects

Photography : Vidyanand Murge

Client's Brief :

"Mr Ashok Amritkar, an investment consultant, bought this small plot of 2000 sq.ft in the heart of the city and wanted to build a house that would be an investment of a lifetime . He wanted to build it fast and move in as soon as possible"

This house is built in Aurangabad (Maharshtra) and is being designed by Architects Pooja & Piyush Kapadia who advocate sustainable practices in architecture offering healthy lifestyle.

The client allotted a specific budget and entrusted total faith and confidence in the architect who in return could work to explore this Sustainable Construction Technology to the Society.

The house is built with Steel & Concrete Composite Structure unlike traditional RCC structure.In this type of construction; all steel columns and beams are nut-bolted and assembled together on site.Reinforced concrete is casted on top of profiled steel decking sheet which acts as form-work, as well as acts as external reinforcement.

Photography : Vidyanand Murge

Design & Construction Process :

The main framework of building with steel columns and beams was erected in a period of jut 2 days while the concreting of all the 3 floors was done in a single day .

This entire process of construction is very Speedy and more Accurate as it adds to the quality and strength of the building. This is the first ever structure built in our region using this construction technique .

Built up area - 1000 sq.ft.

The structure is equally divided

into 3 zones.

Ground floor - public zone

(office, living area, parking).

First floor - semi private zone

(parent’s bedroom, kitchen,

dining & living).

Second floor - private zone

(master bedroom).

Where Did the idea came from ? :

The idea to construct this type of building came from the architect Ar.Piyush Kapadia himself as he had already experimented with this type of construction technique while designing his own residence and it was awarded as first Residential Green Building with Platinum Rating by IGBC in 2017.

The Architect's Residence :

Zoning :

“We create spaces that inspire and that stand the test of time while meeting each of our client's specific needs in unique ways” says Ar. Piyush Kapadia .

Advantages of using Steel in the Construction Process :

Steel buildings are prefabricated, which means they’re faster & efficient to make. The majority of the building is created in a plant, so weather never gets in the way of construction.

Quality of steel is assured since it is produced under controlled environment in the factory under strict Quality control. Although initial cost is 10% more, it is Cost effective, based on life cycle cost analysis since steel structures are less prone to maintenance and have a good scrap value; unlike RCC structures.

Connection Details :

Steel is more durable, earth quake resistant, highly recyclable and overall environmental friendly. Although this is a very regular practice abroad, incorporating it in our region was in itself a hurricane task.A lot of engineering, perfection and planning is involved in designing each and every component of the building.

The entire structure was designed and detailed by architectural team of Pooja & Piyush Associates and structural designer Mr Surya Prakash, Ahmedabad.Then the structural members were fabricated as per shop drawings which were checked and verified before transporting it on site.The entire job of fabrication and erection was carried out by Extron Peb Solutions headed by Mr Shankar Bankar.

In Total 18 tonnes of steel was used and 25 cu.m of concreting was poured as compared to 9 tonnes of steel and 125 cu.m go concreting saving more than 60% of natural resources, 40% of water and time.

Planing :

The house has 3 floor plates of 1000 sq.ft each and an open plan without any columns in between and is being designed keeping in mind all climatic factors promoting the need of eco-friendly design and healthy lifestyle.

Material Palette :

The external walls are designed with hollow clay blocks that create temperature difference of at least 5-10 degrees between interior and exterior keeping interiors cool in summer and warm in winters.

The interior design is also designed with palette of natural materials which include exposed terracotta clay blocks on walls, exposed deck floor & rafter ceiling, jaisalmer flooring & combination of white & grey furniture in mdf & pVC plywood.

Wooden louvers with plants & creepers in elevation adds character to the building promoting Eco friendly and sustainable way to build.

The Architects Pooja & Piyush, who constantly strive to deliver new dimensions; have been honing their skills for more than 17 years and have engaged in designing structures that are Creative, Sustainable and always Inspiring.

Interior Design :

Living room with the combination of jaisalmer flooring, clay blocks & modern furniture.

Master bedroom with graphic canvas painting on ceiling.

Daughter’s bedroom with modern pastel colour theme.

About the Firm :

Pooja & Piyush Associates, established in 1998, have made a name for itself in the list of top architects and interior designers in Aurangabad, Maharashtra working towards new design ideas and sustainable practices.

Founded by Mr. Piyush and Ms. Pooja, a husband and wife duo in 2004, they have consistently focused on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces where everyone would love to live, work in, play and learn in.

They combine professional expertise with cutting-edge technology, refining the use of art and out-of-the-box approach to make lives easier and more healthy.

Ar.Pooja and Ar.Piyush Piyush Kapadia,have been pioneering the art of Green Building with a commitment to energy-conscious architecture, eco-friendly design. Over the years, they have integrated all their work with the practice of new urbanism and sustainability in their professional and personal life.

Under their guidance, hundreds of persons have developed capabilities in performing design, conceptual or management work in these areas.

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