Residential Villa / Studio AVP

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Design Firm : Studio AVP

Principal Architect : Vikrant Panse

Photography : Hemant Patil

Location : Pune

Project Area : 6750 SqFt


The residential villa sits amidst a gated community on the outskirts of Pune city. The entire project is planned on a mountain slope overlooking a small lake.

The access to the villa from the internal road is seamless, where the parking and the common areas are planned on the upper/ road level. The bedrooms are planned on the level below and the bar, home theatre, guest room and the swimming pool are placed on the lower most level. The planning marks a clear distinction in public, private and entertainment areas.

Constraints and Scope of Work:

The villa being part of the gated community was built by the Developer and followed a standard design vocabulary outlined by them. The Developer was responsible for constructing the building structure and the outer shell.

Our scope of work involved planning all the interior spaces as per the Clients’ brief, interior design, landscape design and construction of the project.

Photography By : Hemant Patil

Clients’ Brief:

The Clients were a dynamic couple with two children. The husband lived abroad while the wife and the children lived in Pune, especially for the children’s education.

Their aspiration was to eventually settle down in Pune, away from the hustle bustle of the city, yet finding the right balance of proximity to the city and have a home with all the amenities of a modern house.

Having lived abroad as a family for many years, they desired to have a contemporary house with modern designs, materials and integrated with automation and all the latest gadgets. There was also a sense of Indian-ness which was felt during our conversations, which they had missed all this while that they had lived abroad.

Being a property developer himself, the Client’s unique eye for design, material selection and detail was a feather in the cap.

Photography By : Hemant Patil

Design USP:

The design of this project evolved as a synthesis of a series of discussions with the clients. Their desire to come back to their roots after having lived and worked for so many years abroad led to our curiosity to understand their drive and happiness quotient.

This communication between the Clients and the Architect which lead to a seamless transition between their aspirations to the design ideas and finally to the built environment was the major USP of this project.

The design traverses through various forms, material selection, creating spaces suitable for various requirements for every member of the family. There is a conscious attempt at weaving a thread of continuity in design in the entire house, in visual and tactile forms.

Our success in this project lies in the Smile and Satifaction our Clients witnessed, while also experiencing interesting details woven into the design which still manage to surprise them after living there for 4 months.

Level 1 :

Design Concept:

The concept of bringing modernity to the spaces with Indian flavours brought a stream of thoughts which revolved around keeping the design simple with straight lines, using limited materials and indulging in splashes of colours. The repetition of lines and materials in various forms and textures made each space unique, yet relatable in the context of the entire house.

Photography By : Hemant Patil

Staircase :

The staircase is an important feature in the house, which leads to private areas. The warmth of the wood in both visual and tactile senses serves as a perfect transition from formal to informal spaces. Wine colour adds an emotional element in this transition.

Upon entrance, the frame of the wooden baffles captures the natural beauty beyond, while also filling the huge canvas of the ceiling which otherwise would have felt blank or dead. The baffles of the ceiling gives a sense of visual segregation between dining and living space.

Photography By : Hemant Patil

The art wall behind the dining accentuates the space while complimenting with all the colours of other design elements. Our intention was to attract attention to this visually stimulating space at one corner, which otherwise would have lost its significance compared to the natural scenic beauty offered by the expansive doors and window openings on the other side.

Photography By : Hemant Patil

The serving counter plays interesting roles, first by serving as a physical partition between dining and staircase and part visual privacy for dining area from entrance. The play of recessing itself in the wall thickness, while also attracting attention by its colour makes it one of the best design elements of the house.

Kitchen :

A light color palette was adopted in the kitchen as a conscious attempt at weaving a thread of continuity in design in the entire house, in visual and tactile forms.

Photography By : Hemant Patil
Photography By : Hemant Patil

There is a surreal continuity of the wooden vertical lines from the ceiling in the passage at the background, making this furniture unique to its context and location.

Temple :

The uneven marble patterns compliment the even tone of the wood and wallpaper texture, while also contrasting to the dark colours. The break in monotony of formal lines by the traditional arch in the center makes this Puja Room unique in some sense.

Photography By : Hemant Patil


Photography By : Hemant Patil
Photography By : Hemant Patil
Photography By : Hemant Patil

A simple partition element placed in the family room renders a sculptural appeal to the space. The marble stands on both sides give rigidity in contrast with the lightness offered by a hanging stand made in wood.

Daughter's Bedroom :

Study Area :

The black grooves continue seamlessly from the ceiling to the furniture.

Bathroom :

A collage of materials with contrasting colours and textures are used to bring a uniqueness to each bathroom.

Son's Bedroom :

The asymmetry of side tables look like sculpture pieces rather than functional furniture .

Bathroom :

Collage of marble and SS inlays line the counter- top, seated on wooden base.

An interesting feature of rough grain granite is accentuated and punctuated by black tinted glass shelves held by wooden inserts.

Master Bedroom :

The warmth of wood battens illuminated by the hanging lamp with playful reflections from the black mirror above give a surreal feel to the Master bedroom.

Master Bedroom's Balcony :

Play of light and texture in the Master bedroom balcony .

Master Bedroom's Bathroom :

Natural veins of the marble accentuate the space of the Master Ensuite .

Level 3 :

The light design in the ceiling break the order of straight lines rendering a whimsical nature to the bar area.

About The Firm :

Studio AVP

Principal Architect : Vikrant Panse

Studio AVP was founded in 2014 with the primary intention of creating meaningful spaces. Our focus lies in designing Sensitive, Climate Responsive and Efficient Architecture.Having worked for 6 years and experience in working for regional and international projects, Vikrant brings the exposure, passion for design and a keen eye for detailing in all the projects.

The studio believes in collaborating with the local artisans, experts and working hands-on in every project. All the projects evolve from a pragmatic thought process which is extremely relevant to the client’s needs and the context. Therefore the designs blend seamlessly from Architecture to Interior spaces and quite often leading to Product designs.