Roopa's Residence : By the riverside

Roopa’s love at first site with our work tempted her to refashion her decade old kitchen to an elegant and classic piece. Her dream design and our suggestion gave birth to the floor to ceiling approach.

Modernizing the flooring and hexagonal tiles worked amazingly with winter sun bird glass painting giving a tweak of red to the consistent colour scheme complementing one another and became the perfect focal point from her living room.This was something Roopa gazed at.

Gold handles raised the level of her kitchen’s elegance. Wooden paneling sophisticatedly divides the kitchen and dining.Not to forget the utility which is something more than just a utility because of the pigeon blue door entry making it tranquil and soothing.

Following the same colour scheme we beautifully utilised the storage beneath the stairs giving the kitchen an extension.

In the bedroom we followed the simple and idyllic aesthetics of ocean and sky and created this unique cupboard amalgamating the crystal clear mirror on to the door.

Not missing on the rustic touch we added a rough and ready rustic cabinet beneath the wash basin which was contrasting and complementing at the same time.

This is the path we follow where our passion and ideas lead to creating unique and alluring interiors for our clients.

Some pictures before the renovation:-

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Photography : @nayansoni21

Interior Designer : @swatiseraan