Sadkrut- A Serene House / Alkesh Patel & Associates

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Design Firm : Alkesh Patel & Associates

Principal Interior Designer : Alkesh Patel

Photography : Photographix India

Site Area: 2920 sq. ft.

Site: Kudasan, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

“SADKRUT” is the amalgamation of the names of the family members. Collectively it becomes a beautiful name for the residence. Our aim was to achieve a feeling of calmness in the residence. Which could only be executed through efficient design, sense of balance, symmetry and elegance.

It was a challenge to achieve that quality of space through Design elements and materials. I believe in minimalism, where you can express a lot with minimum objects and effective placement that emphasizes the space.

The luxury was achieved keeping in mind simple forms, monochromatic ¬schemes, soft curves, textures and lights. Our material palette includes Marble, Wood, Rustic metal, and moreover plants to make the space look more alive.

We eventually planned to break the whole long space according to the activities and for us any strong division was not an option. As privacy was not demand of the spaces, we wanted the spaces to be visually broken and still connected to each other.

So Screens were created to separate each living rooms and dining area. We believe that not only glass is used for transparency but that characteristics can be achieved by molding metal and wood if designed properly.

The monochromatic materials were merged together for a clear pattern in the final product of each bedroom. Colorful paintings were used to break uniformity into the spaces, which eventually compliments the spaces and makes them look playful.

This residence proves itself that elegance comes along with the idea of simplicity rather than mixture of plenty contrasting elements together.