Saga of the Màyura : Fables Designs

Layered with a fusion of European & Indian aesthetics, this home is embellished with ornate details. Creating a detailed foreground alongside a neutral backdrop and vice versa was the key idea behind the designs. This maximalist home is the primary residence for a three generation family. Diverse styles, materials, color pallates, textures & finishes are bought together to create a rich melange.

Entrance & Living Room :

Right from the entrance one can see, the intricately carved krishna temple, a sight to behold. The Máyur pankha inlay is a marble inlay technique by artisians by emgraving various natural materials like mother of pearl, malachite & abalone.

Taking the dancing peacock as the core concept, the backdrop for the Radha-Krishna idols was designed. The wooden ceiling starts right from the entrance leading upto the mandir, giving it a sense of continuation, allowing the space to look wider. The passage leading through the entrance beholds a sprawling living area set-up on one side, and a semi open partition on the other side.

The jaali divides the kitchen & dining area from the living room, giving it a sense of privacy yet creating a visual connection between the spaces. The brass flower accents on the wooden battens are designed to treat the partition as a mural creating an unending visual treat.

On the other hand the living area defines grandeur and opluence at its prime. A strong antique mirrored backdrop along with patterned veener steal the show for the viewers in the seating area. Furniture on the other hand is a seamless amalgamation of modern & bold visuals. The earthy color palatte caters a warm and cosy feel to the space. The connecting sit out balcony extends the space, letting the greens inside which compliments the earthy tones and lends a soothing effect to the overall space.

Dining Area :

Creating a stark contrast to the living room, the dining area creates a soft and pleasing play of whites & gold ! The space is infused with a palpable soothing energy - a space that lives & breathes, endowing an aesthetic minimal & functional character to the space. To continue the visual connection between the living and dining area, the same pattern hass been continued in the transition.

The dining table follows the same language expressing as a strong element in the space, yet not something overpowering. The three legged chairs add the charm to the much dreamy space adding to the surreal feel !

Kitchen Area :

Functional, essential & balanced, the kitchen area features a warm grey tone. An open layout with an island and a service counter comprise of the sprawling kitchen area connected to the dining space. To create a sense of privacy yet connect it with the hallway & the living room, a semi visual partition has been featured in between. The partition carries the same pattern continued through the living & dining space, making it a part of the transition yet standing out on its own.

Master Bedroom :

The master bedroom endears a bold beautiful pattern, in a play of textured glass along with brass accents making it the perfect backdrop for the monochromatic bed. A snug nook along side the tv unit features the same pattern.

Two cosy accent chairs, create a ornate corner for that peaceful reading day or a simple evening cup of coffee together for the couple. The walk-in-wardrobe and dressing area carries the same textured glass graphic creating a sense of belonging to the space.

Son Bedroom :

Designed for a young kid, who is all cheerful and frolicsome the space is infused with a playful vibe. Blues & greys dominate the color scheme accentuation the flowing pattern through the ceiling following on the tv unit wall. Minimal but impactful the pattern creates a smart backdrop for the bedroom. Counter-balancing the backdrop, the bed also follows an intersting shape & form.

Parents Bedroom :

A combination of the classic beige & gold inject serpendity into the bedroom. The brief was simple - elegant & luxurious, yet a space that resonates & blends in simplicity. The design transcends the barriers of timelessness, as the users were the owners parents. The designs are subdued, focused on the neccesities of it's end users without compromising identity & artistry.

Credits :

Project type : Residential Interiors

Site : Sahjanand Prasth, Surat.

Duration : 9 months

Clients : Praful & Mittal Sanghani

Design Firm : Fables Designs

Design Team : Meeti Shroff Topiwala - Neeket Topiwala

Loose Furniture credits : Ar. Rohan Shroff

Photography credits : Ar. Prachi Khasgiwala