The Cornflake Project

The Smart App-artment

The Smart App-artment, situated in the heart of London, is Cornflake’s award-winning, iPadcontrolled, experience centre. Showcasing the world’s finest audio, cinema equipment, lighting, window treatments, security, IT, telecoms, plus many more exciting features, the 4000sqft showroom was specifically designed by a top team of architects and interior designers to Cornflake’s specification. Because of our extensive range of expertise and services, the Smart App-artment is the perfect spot to discuss, touch, play and experience all the latest technology.

We guarantee your visit will lead to the transformation of your own home. Clients are invited to enjoy a fun afternoon (or morning) in the Smart App-artment to view the stunning lighting and window schemes; enthuse over the high-end sound systems and indulge in our awesome Cinema, Bar and Games Room.

Bring the whole family! The designer-styled apartment provides a truly hands-on experience of market-leading technology. Everything is working, there is no kit on racks in cardboard boxes, and technophiles are happily encouraged to go behind-the-scenes, with full access to our awardwinning control racks in the glass plant rooms. To arrange a visit to the luxurious pad please call us today to book a private viewing. Visits are strictly by appointment.

The ELK Kitchen Design

The kitchen installed in the Smart App-artment is from the ELK O’45 range, a kitchen different to any other.

The ELK O’45 is a solid hardwood framed system designed to bring new innovation to kitchen storage, an area where progress has been limited for the last 50 years. The use of a framework liberates us from the use of bolted-together-boxes offering a more profound design opportunity than just surface finish. The geometry of the O’45 kitchen at first seems playful and expressionist, but only when one understands the functionality behind the geometry can the design be understood fully.

The ELK O’45 is an innovative kitchen cabinetry system with ergonomics and storage efficiency at its core. An expression of this purposefulness creates a striking geometric aesthetic unseen before in kitchens. The kitchen is kitted out with top-of-the-line Gaggenau Appliances, Seamless Corian Worktops, a Scanomat Topbrewer app operated coffee machine, and of course all the latest smart technology. ELK Kitchens are made bespoke to order in our workshop in Hampshire, UK

About ELK

Established with a vision to create genuine innovation in the kitchen furniture industry, ELK is a British design and manufacturing company based in Hampshire, England.

Founded by an award-winning team of architects, our focus is on creating beautiful, sustainable kitchens with unique functionality.

The team have spent years in the research and development of beautiful kitchen furniture that is light on the planet and uses less than 50% of the materials of a conventional kitchen.

We use geometry to create our unique and patent pending storage solutions that ensure allcupboard and shelf space is optimised to use less, but give you more.

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