A Water’s Edge Retreat

Set against the enticing Kannamally backwaters in Kumbalangi, within the sprawling 89 cents of land, the beautiful residence is a picture painted right out of a dreamscape. Cocooned by the surrounding landscape, the majestic azure skies, and calm waters along the horizon against the verdant hues, the house is delicately designed to dematerialize into its backdrop. Spanning over 8200 square feet, home to a Dubai based banker, the house is designed to serve as a family holiday retreat in summers and a homestay all-round the year.

Situated in a scattered residential setting, amidst the tropical greenery, abutted by an extensive water body on the west, the site is occupied mostly by tropical vegetation and a large pond near to its water edge with several coconut trees surrounding it.

"To design the house serving the dual purpose without costing the space was much of a challenge. We also had to ensure maximum unobstructed views to each of the spaces, without compromising the privacy of the end-user. Other than fulfilling the brief, we wanted the house to be a collection of experiences." - Ar. Sebastian Jose, Principal Architect

Linearity in Design

The project broke the conventional approach adopted while designing residences. To bring the maximum landscape into the building, to ensure maximum outdoor views to all the spaces, a linear plan was laid out.

The house was raised 1.5 m from the ground level and stretched out in length from North to South, with a large corridor connecting the spaces, ensuring unobstructed views, ample light, and ventilation to every part of the house along with added provision for rainwater harvesting.

The attempt to bring in 'the element of surprise' to design was accomplished with compartmentalizing the spaces. This was possible due to the linear arrangement of spaces accessed from a common passage. Each of them was recognized as a compartment and treated differently.

Nature and Landscape

The expansive landscape against the astounding backdrop already had an inherent character to it. The design simply gave minute additions to compliment it. Retaining all the trees in place, further landscaped with vibrant lemon green grass and stone-paved walkways, the yard facing the backwaters is designed to double up as a gathering space.

Curvilinear Form

The site called out for a floating roof form. The adoption of a curved roof mimicking the wind flow aerodynamics resulted in a lighter roof structure that blended the form rightly into the surrounding landscape.

The house is designed to embrace the surrounding landscape, savouring its beauty, and to slowly become a part of it. Even though the family decided to open up their home for total strangers, they chose to personalize every inch of the house, demanding us to design it with the utmost care to ensure comfort and privacy. This is precisely what makes the house unique and welcoming, as it habitually makes people feel at home.

About the firm:

Principal Architect : Sebastian Jose

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