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Updated: Jan 19

UNISEX SALON | Design Radius®

Client : G K SALON (Gopal Nahavi & Kundan Nahavi)

Architectural Firm : Design Radius (@design_radius)

Location : Surat, Gujarat

Area : 382 sq. ft.

Principal Designer : Dipen Dixit

Paraprofessional : Rutvi Dixit

Design team : Dhwani, Hima

Photography : Studio-9 (@studio9panaroma)

Text : Rutvi Dixit

CLIENT BRIEF: This Saloon is challenge for us, reason being the requirements of client. They want reception, waiting (2-3 people), 5 cutting chairs, 2- shampoo station, 1- pedicure, 2-cabin, pantry and toilet. For set up all this things I have only 382 sq.ft carpet area with limited budget.


There is a beam crossing in interior between 2-shops so; I have divided the space into two. Creating the partition from beam bottom and put 2-2 hair cut chair in opposite direction.

We have to plan the movement flow such a way when all 4 hair cutting chairs are occupied, the workers get sufficient space for movement and no one can disturb each other’s. Accept this other client want access for shampoo, pedicure, or toilet they also get enough movement space. 2-cabins, pantry and wash room have planned back wall adjournment so, all this room get ventilation from backside.

They need extra storage for other stuff so we have created some open shelves storage in waiting with aesthetic look displaying products with great ambience.

The total wiring distribution box is located at wall behind waiting chair covered with photo frame. Rest of two L-shaped walls near shampoo station are simply treated with horizontal pop grooves gives longitudinal look.


Pantry & massage room are divided with partition which is having a storage that operates upper shutter from room & lower from pantry.

Client want 2 separate rooms for make-up and massage, we have set foldable couch in make-up room. So, make-up room also can be used as a massage room. We divide two rooms with lintel heighted partition & provide single AC for both rooms.


We have leave some empty space between 2+2 hair cutting chairs where we hang the lights, left some space for keep some accessories. We have given track lights in ceiling but open wires are not seen anywhere as we have under grout in slab plaster and finished with pop punning in ceiling.


Color bar display near shampoo stations which gives convenience to the worker for easy keeping and taking things. Adjoining to the glass facade created color bar display design can view from both sides(inside/outside) and have low height shutter for color bottles, bowls, brushes etc.

All elements are done in grey-black color scheme accept floor. we select natural hued batten, looked monochrome pvc flooring goes well with all elements and put this space in highly elegant mode.

Flooring: Pvc Laminates: Greenlam Hardware: Enox Sanitary Fittings: Jaquar Paint: Dulux

About the Firm :

Dipen Dixit & Rutvi Dixit

Design Radius was founded in 2008 in Surat.

Operating across the fields of architecture & interiors, the firm approach centers on running projects as a collaborative process with clear communication strategies, rational planning and rigorous cost controls. Design Radius aims to provide its clients with professional architectural and Interior services that achieve an appropriate balance between contextual, aesthetic, environmental, and cost considerations.

We constantly seek our client’s satisfaction by clarifying, understanding and responding to their needs and expectations. In Design Radius, the focus is not just on delivering a design but to leave an enchanting impression on people’s heart, mind and soul. “We convert thoughts into a masterpiece“ We curve our designs in a way that becomes simple and timeless beauty, for which one can fall in love over and over again.