The Urban Cuboid house situated in a suburb of Ahmedabad city is a mass of various cuboid volumes that are staggered at various levels making it an interesting self-shading structure. To help shading and privacy, vertical screens are added connecting the floors and the façade is designed with exposed RCC cladding along with wooden highlights as a response to earthy context.

The house belongs to a joint family of 3 generations with Vastu being a crucial factor considered for the design. The requirements of the client were 5bhk home with bedrooms having attached dress & toilet, a triple-height & spacious puja room, dining, gym, home theatre, terrace garden, and 2 car parking area. It was an interesting challenge to accommodate all these activities in such a small plot of 2800 sq. Ft. and also following the margins as per bylaws. It is designed to reflect the occupant’s personality, while not losing sight of the home’s overall character and materiality.

The free-standing carved RCC wall in the front façade helps to maintain privacy and gives the decorum to the entrance foyer along with the appealing green lawn. A spacious vestibule opens to the drawing-room in a south-west direction, located next to a green lawn. And it allows ample natural light with a set of contemporary furniture and lighting elements having a stone cladding wall as a background giving an earthy effect.

The Dining and Kitchen are placed next to each other along with the triple-height Puja room and Transitional area. The puja room is the core area of the house located in the north direction with a big glass opening, keeping in mind the local weather. This triple-height acts as a light shaft, keeping the house full of light throughout the daytime. The staircase and lift act as a vertical transition to all floors.

The hues of white & grey with wooden touch and polished marble flooring gives the simplicity to the interiors. Also, the bedrooms are to be placed in such a way that it has visually connection with the entrance and so the parent’s bedroom on the ground floor is designed to have a visual connection to the entrance and other common activities.

The first-floor passage connects to 3 bedrooms and overlooks the triple-height light shaft above the puja room. Balancing the velvety touch of blue with the subtlety of solid wood and neutral tones makes an interesting colour palette for master bedroom and a balcony overlooking towards the entrance gives a refreshing relation with nature. The attached bathroom to this master bedroom has metallic tiles that reflect the overall impact of the room.

The daughter’s bedroom also reflects the simplicity with the quirk of yellow colour with the subtle interior. The kid’s room has a study area and a cozy sitting area adjoining the glass window.

The second floor has one guest bedroom, a home theatre, Jacuzzi, a multipurpose room, and an open terrace garden. The home theatre has a minimalistic and simplistic interior that complements the brief of a modern and timeless home.

Multipurpose room may be used for gym and get-togethers which opens to the terrace garden. Beautiful outdoor furniture and mild lighting and plants give the perfect ambiance to chill at night. The vertical and horizontal screens give beautiful light and shadow during day & night.

The urban cuboid house is the small compact house with comfortable & spacious interiors that reflects the cuboid volumes in the exterior. The cantilevered cubes give more spaces for interior and making it overlook to the outside. The elevation limits and divides the vertical massing by staggering the cuboids at various levels such that the constructed area doesn’t overpower the plot area.



Plot Area – 2800 SQ.FT.

Built Up Area – 5000 SQ.FT.

Principal Architect – Ar. Prashant Parmar

Website – www.prashantparmar.com

Firm Name – Shayona Consultant, Ahmedabad.