Wabi-Sabi Make-up Studio Interior Design l Aangan Architecture Studios

Project name: Wabi-Sabi Make-up Studio Interior Design

Location: The One, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Area: 355sq.ft.

Firm name: Aangan Architecture Studios

Directors: Ar. Ayushi Chaturvedi & Ar. Megha Dumasya

Instagram account: @aanganarch

We are a young duo passionate about design and love what we do! Likewise, this project has been the dream of our client and we have justified it with appealing interiors to reciprocate the service provided by her make-up studio. Subtle, elegant, top-notch and leaves an impression is how we describe this entire studio space.

Textures, color scheme, lighting and furniture have been chosen and designed with utmost attention to detailing and aesthetics. We believe that the subtle play of materials and lighting can make a space feel extremely inviting and luxurious.

The client required the walls to become the background for photo shoot and therefore we added subtle and elegant textures to the wall. We wanted to add modest curves to the design and therefore made false arches to beautify the space and backlit them to improve the aesthetics.

The design of the furniture like chairs, tables and sofa were designed to perfectly fit into the aesthetics of the space. Wooden ribs were used in the detailing of the reception table and the finishes of the counter tops were glossy with subtle colors which align with the color scheme.

The lighting in the space is adequately placed to provide warmth and a feeling of luxury. The workstations have backlit mirrors for the purpose of elegance and to beautify the space of experience for the client’s customers. We have correctly placed focus lights on each station to make the space well-lit. The hanging lights at the reception and waiting area provide a different ambience altogether to the space.

A curved center light rightly fits into the overall ambience of the make-up studio.

The color scheme of the studio chosen previously was pink and dark blue but as and when the carpentry and painting work began, an on-site decision was taken of using lighter shade of blue to contrast with subtle pink and golden.

Similarly, we could not extract seamless tiles from the industry for our intended tile design and texture, therefore, we decided to cover the grooves at the tile intersection with golden strips that exhibits elegance as well as serves the purpose at the same time.

We even designed the logo of the studio and cut it in the same golden material to look glamorous and appealing and rightly placed it on the reception wall under the arch.

Our client had a special requirement of an eyelash extension room which should accommodate a single bed and a shelf to serve their purpose.

The space is designed to look vibrant and attractive with all the sunlight streaming in from the gorgeous façade. The design of the shelf is done such that it rightly fits into the theme of the space and looks attractive along with a mirror cutout in it.

About the Firm :


Based in Mumbai and Indore, Aangan Architecture Studios is an architecture, interior design, landscape and consultancy practice that is committed to create engaging and aesthetic designs and detailing PAN India. We believe that regardless of method or medium, producing work of eternal value is the greatest form of sustainability.‘Aangan’ is a word from Hindi language which means a transitional forecourt or courtyard which suggests a pause, an interactive connectivity between the inside and the outside.

Our spaces of living and working have become a concrete jungle and we at Aangan Architecture Studios strive to make a conscious effort to intertwine nature with architectural enclosures. We consider it our moral responsibility as architects of the future to take this concept ahead of blending nature with architecture for environmental and spatial benefits.


We are a set of young, passionate architects/visualizers practicing in a wide variety and scale of projects. We are always willing to expand our horizons, learn and produce the best work through our consistent efforts on our projects.

Ar. Megha Dumasya

Megha graduated from L.S. Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai and then worked at School of Environment and Architecture as a Research Assistant on Emerging Materiality. While pursuing this field, she developed an inclination towards providing sustainable outcomes and begin to bring a small change in the world. Her enthusiasm can be seen through her commitment to design and her attitude to learn new things every day. Her interest lies in detailing, managing and looking into the technalities of the project.

Ar. Ayushi Chaturvedi

A designer by passion, Ayushi’s artistic vision made her pursue architecture from L.S. Raheja School of

Architecture, Mumbai. Her interest in giving life to spaces brings unique and engaging designs to the table. Her capability of developing people-oriented design creates a habitable and aesthetic environment for users. Her passion for art and architecture is endless and she always strives to make her clients content through her design.

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